Elevating Efficiency through Mi-Jack’s Adjustable Dual Trolley and Independent Hoist Options 

May 22, 2024
Rubber Tired Gantry Crane with Independent Hoist attachment lifting steel beams

In the gritty world of construction, where every moment is crucial, Mi-Jack Products develops solutions to ensure safer, more efficient operations. Mi-Jack Products’ Travelift RTG cranes showcase versatility in managing precarious material through a variety of lifting attachments. Our independent hoist and adjustable dual trolley, both options on Travelift RTG cranes, are the ultimate duo for leveling and lifting awkward loads.  

Flexibility Redefined | How the Adjustable Dual Trolley and Independent Hoist Work Together 

Designed for diverse material handling applications, an adjustable dual trolley provides lifting capability for products with different widths and varying centers of gravity. The independent hoist option allows for alteration of hooks based on various heights of the pick points in relation to the center of gravity, offering flexibility for adjusting all four pick points to different heights. Additionally, the adjustable dual trolley enables variations of pick points from side to side. This unique option offers the versatility needed for handling a variety of awkward or challenging materials. 

Moreover, this is all done from the cab, allowing for safer and more efficient handling of any load. This solution redefines how materials are managed, providing an unparalleled level of versatility and safety. 

Unmatched Capability: Mi-Jack’s Travelift RTG Crane 

“Mi-Jack’s powered dual trolley and independent hoist capabilities offer a tailored solution for many industries we engage with, irrespective of challenges or obstacles,” Vice President of Travelift sales at Mi-Jack Products, Mike Lanigan Jr., asserts. When ADF Group, a prominent North American leader for connection engineering, fabrication, and installation of steel structures with heavy steel components, faced a challenge in lifting and moving these substantially large steel parts, they turned to Mi-Jack Products. It was Travelift’s independent hoist and powered dual trolley that emerged as the ideal solution for their dilemma. “This option allows for more versatility in picking various products and having the adaptability to handle future materials,” Lanigan further emphasized. 

A dual trolley and independent hoist streamlines material handling processes while offering unmatched safety and flexibility.

“Mi-Jack’s powered dual trolley and independent hoist capabilities offer a tailored solution for many industries we engage with, irrespective of challenges or obstacles,”

Mike Lanigan Jr., Vice President Travelift Sales

The efficiency, reliability, and safety offered by the RTG cranes, make them a practical and easy to implement choice for projects. Mi-Jack’s adjustable dual trolley and independent hoist application on its Travelift RTG crane offers a host of features that elevate material handling to new heights. These cranes are not just efficient; they are agile powerhouses that offer precision and expanded capabilities surpassing standard material handling solutions.  

Mi-Jack’s RTG cranes stand out as the preferred choice over any other material handling equipment and traditional forklifts for several reasons: 

Facility Transformation: 

• Achieve a remarkable 300% – 500% increase in yard storage space. 

• Unlike traditional forklifts, Travelift cranes revolutionize aisleway space utilization. 

• Mi-Jack’s Travelift cranes resolve the issue of a shared narrow runway by allowing the storage of products beneath the workspace. 

Streamlined Maneuverability: 

• Travelift cranes can be directly steered in and out of workplace facilities, acting as an overhead crane both throughout the yard and indoors. 

• Eliminates the need for inconvenient rerouting often required by traditional forklifts. 

Enhanced Capacity and Versatility: 

• Mi-Jack RTG cranes offer substantially higher lifting capacity with an incredible range of 30-300 US tons. 

• Boast a more extensive variety of attachments compared to traditional forklifts. 

Stability and Safety: 

• Traditional forklifts can be prone to tipping when handling heavy or awkward material. 

• Mi-Jack Travelift RTG cranes ensure complete stability, there’s no tipping factor and no counterweight concerns, eliminating tipping fears entirely. 

The Future of Material Handling is with Mi-Jack  

Mi-Jack continues to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction with its adjustable dual trolley and independent hoist capabilities. This technology not only streamlines material handling processes but also offers unmatched safety and flexibility. As industries evolve, Mi-Jack Products remains at the forefront, providing solutions that redefine the standards of efficiency and productivity. 

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