Taylor XLC974

Taylor XLC974

The Taylor XLC-974 dedicated loaded container handler is designed to handle loaded containers stacked up to 6 high.

Rated Capacity At 97in Center Of Load

90,000 lbs / 2-high Stacking
85,000 lbs / 3-and 4-high Stacking

Rated Capacity At 106in Center Of Load

82,000 lbs. / 2-high Stacking
80,000 lbs. / 3- and 4-high Stacking



Top Pick Loaded Container Handler

Mi-Jack is a premier supplier of Taylor Loaded Container Handlers.

This heavy duty truck is designed with a top-pick, 4-point spreader, 236 in. wheelbase, 388 HP Tier 4 Final diesel engine, and end-user diagnostics that allow the customer to customize operating parameters and troubleshoot most codes without the need for a service call.

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