The Industry Challenge

Supply chain acceleration has driven the need do more with the current resources at the terminal, achieving the highest-level productivity while ensuring the safety of the operation. 

The Mi-Star Solution

AccuSteer uses differential GPS to steer machines including rubber tire gantry cranes (RTGs) down a predefined path, increasing productivity up to 25% while reducing operator fatigue and improving safety.

AccuSteer’s Precision Navigation Allows For

  • Increased container storage space by narrowing crane runways.
  • Increased productivity in bad weather by maneuvering through snow covered paths.
  • Improved safety by preventing collisions.

Highly Reliable Positioning Technology

Robust, dual-frequency positioning technology with inertial navigation redundancy makes the system highly reliable to minimize downtime in case of GPS or RF signal interruption.

A Scalable Solution

As part of the Mi-Star suite, AccuSteer is easily scalable to encompass additional functions such as semi-automating load placement and retrieval by automating gantry and trolley travel functions.

Hardware for AccuSteer

Hardware for AccuSteer consists of:

  • A fixed location base station at the operation center. The base station transmits GPS guidance via radio frequency (RF, recommended) or Wi-Fi
  • Onboard “Rover” computers

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