The Industry Challenge

Traditional static reports are necessary but no longer sufficient for marine and intermodal yard management. Modern managers need a state-of-the-art, digital yard asset management system.

The Mi-Star Solution

AccuView graphically represents the current state of terminal operations that have been equipped with Mi-Star equipment.

Seeing Is Believing

View AccuView in action:

AccuView lets you zoom in to a tight scale view of an individual vehicle, or out to a panoramic view of the entire yard. You can even view multiple perspectives in separate windows simultaneously on the same workstation. The application supports multiple simultaneous viewers and can be shown in both 3D and 2D.

Multiple Time Frames

AccuView shows your yard in the present, past and future:

  • Present – Remotely monitor all yard activities in real time
  • Past – Playback archived activity
  • Future – Simulate and evaluate strategic yard configuration alternatives

Yard Management

  • Create inventory location maps with a simple “Point & Click” interface.
  • View, analyze, and evaluate multiple alternative yard configurations and strategic inventory storage options.
  • Manage various yard projects with flexible equipment assignments.
  • Generate yard productivity reports

Fleet Management

  • View and monitor vehicles.
  • Analyze vehicle and operator productivity.
  • Replay vehicle movements.
  • Define, remotely retrieve, access, and view at a glance vehicle status information such as:
    • GPS signal strength.
    • Latch condition.
    • Idle status.

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