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Working at Mi-Jack

What is the culture like at Mi-Jack?

Mi-Jack fosters a culture of innovation and operational excellence. Every department is aligned with the goal of delighting customers with the most reliable and cutting-edge rubber-tired gantry cranes, associated technologies and products, and world-class support.

What’s it like to work for Mi-Jack?

Mi-Jack has approachable leadership, encourages cross-functional collaboration, conducts company-wide celebrations, and provides continuing education opportunities. The environment is fast-paced and entrepreneurial.

What kind of growth opportunities are there at Mi-Jack?

Mi-Jack promotes from within and encourages and supports continuous education. We have the John J. Lanigan, Sr. Training Academy that provides both employees and customers with the highest level of technical training possible. Tuition reimbursement is also offered.

What kind of opportunities do you have for students and graduates?

Whether you’re graduating with an undergraduate degree or master’s degree, Lanco has positions available at many of our locations. While we have internships throughout the year, the majority take place in the summer and last between 12 to 16 weeks. Internships are considered throughout our organization including but not limited to engineering, operations, human resources, marketing, and accounting. Internships are a great way to immerse yourself in our culture to see if we’re a good fit for you and your career goals.

The culture within Mi-Jack is unlike any other. Each employee genuinely looks after each other. Working in a fast-paced environment, learning technical information, and being part of a tremendous team are a few of my favorite things about Mi-Jack.

Mi-Jack Regional Account Manager

The growth potential keeps me here, as well as the leadership/mentoring I have received over the years. My favorite thing would be the people I work with; I have had the pleasure to create my own team and build it from within.

Mi-Jack Accounting specialist

The growth potential keeps me here, as well as the leadership/mentoring I have received over the years. My favorite thing would be the people I work with; I have had the pleasure to create my own team and build it from within and it’s become a subculture here at Mi-Jack and a mini family.

Mi-Jack Service Manager

It is easy to see how collaborative efforts between departments have a positive impact on daily operations. My favorite thing about working at Mi-Jack is that I have a lot of freedom and I am encouraged to manage my own projects, meet with others, and pursue solutions as needed. I would describe the culture at Mi-Jack as hardworking, flexible, and responsive.

Mi-Jack Manufacturing Engineer

I have grown a lot at Mi-Jack. I’ve learned more in-depth computer skills and taken on a SME position from learning and always trying to improve, help others, and go beyond what is expected.

Mi-Jack Material Handler – Weld Dept.

The biggest difference compared to my previous employer has been management. There is a clear direction in my department that I can follow and be confident in my work. I enjoy work life balance at Mi-Jack; I can complete all my responsibilities while at work and also have enough time to pick up my kids from daycare and get a glimpse into their classroom (which are memories that will last a lifetime).

Mi-Jack Buyer

Experience for growth in the company has been outstanding. The best words of advice I have to any employee here is to take a step out of your comfort zone and walk through the door if asked to try some other job within the company.

Mi-Jack Technical Trainer

I like the fact that we manufacture “tangible” products that help support both the company and the economy, and that we build products to last. It is interesting work, learning about new developments and documenting them. However, my favorite thing about working here is the People. I feel I have terrific rapport with all of the Product Training and Support staff, as well as with all of the different groups I work with, such as Engineering, the Erection department, Production staff, and Parts and Shipping.

Mi-Jack Technical Publications Manager

What makes me stay is also my favorite thing about working here: the challenge in the work. The work I do here is unmatched in terms of complexity. I get to flex my safety muscles every day when I step onsite.

Mi-Jack HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, Environmental) Manager

I like working with people and have been able to negotiate, mediate and help come up with solutions to create win-win situations.

Mi-Jack Credit/Collections Specialist

Management feels very approachable and willing to listen. I’ve worked for a Fortune 500 company where this was quite the opposite. When I see the managers & owners of the company walking around shaking hands and asking how your work is going it’s encouraging.

Mi-Jack Senior Design Engineer

It’s great that Mi-Jack is a leader in the industry. This enables a creative threshold to break new ground with new applications that have not been done before. This also allows us to improve reliability and performance with information gained on these new jobs. Our sales team always finds challenging jobs that keep our company at a higher level where others have not been.

Mi-Jack Engineering Manager

My favorite thing about working here is that after we envision and create drawings for a new design, we get to see each phase of the crane in-person as a finished product in our shop a short time afterwards.

Mi-Jack Mechanical Engineer

What keeps me here is the camaraderie. I have fun and learn a lot from the people I work with on a daily basis. Nothing is better than seeing the results of our work and the people who are affected by it. Another aspect that stands out to me is the length of employment. Some people have worked here for forty or more years, that’s pretty amazing!

Mi-Jack Inventory Coordinator

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