We have you covered with 24/7 service and spare parts

Parts are part and parcel of gold standard service

Unlike many in our industry, we maintain extensive nationwide inventory to ensure the genuine parts your crane needs are available ASAP to minimize downtime and maximize unit utilization. Inventory costs money, but the investment in our corporate integrity and commitment to our customers is  a small price to pay for the value it provides to our customers.

The parts you need 24/7/365

The proximity of Mi-Jack’s parts and service assets to domestic container facilities ensures rapid response when you need support fast, minimizing downtime. Highly trained and motivated product support professionals are at your service–ready, willing, and able to deliver the parts you need to succeed 24/7/365.

Manufacturer Trained Parts Representatives

Manufacturer trained parts representatives are experienced and fully qualified to resolve your inquiries regarding performance, parts, and service-related issues. They’re trained at our in-house Training Academy in disciplines including manufacturing, service, warehousing, and warranty.

Experienced Parts Buyers

Experienced parts buyers are involved in all stages of manufacturing, engineering, and product performance related issues. Their extensive background ensures that aftermarket parts meet all OEM standards.

Parts Expediters

Parts expediters, highly qualified shipping and receiving personnel, work around the clock to deliver urgently needed parts dependably and reliably to the most remote corners of the globe.

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