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The Mi-Star system is comprised of multiple modules that provide everything from differential GPS automated steering and GPS inventory management to virtualized operations viewing and centralized fleet management.

Seeing Is Believing | View AccuView in action

AccuView lets you zoom in to a tight scale view of an individual vehicle, or out to a panoramic view of the entire yard. You can even view multiple perspectives in separate windows simultaneously on the same workstation. The application supports multiple simultaneous viewers and can be shown in both 3D and 2D.

Auto Steering

Uses differential GPS to steer machines down a predefined path, increasing productivity up to 25% while reducing operator fatigue.

Digital Twin

A gate-to-gate virtual view of the state of your freight, graphically representing the current state of terminal operations in real-time and historical.

Fleet Monitoring

Enables terminal management to boost productivity improving visibility into operations to gain critical insights.

Inventory Management

Mi-Star’s GPS inventory management system module, uses Position Detection System (PDS) technology to map all facility container inventory.

In-Cab Visualization

Provide equipment operators access to powerful visualization tools in-cab using the VehicleView module of Mi-Star.

Workforce & Workzone Protection

Obtain a gate-to-gate virtual view of terminal operations through the AccuView module of Mi-Star.

Frequently Asked Questions | Terminal Automation

What makes Mi-Star so accurate?

Mi-Star™ employs a NovaTel GPS receiver system in conjunction with our advanced inertial navigation system to enhance position accuracy during instances of satellite communication interruption. Originally designed for auto-steering rubber tire gantry cranes, the Mi-Star™ system required precise position accuracy to navigate these large cranes along straight or curved paths. This exceptional level of accuracy extends to our PDS solution, ensuring reliable performance across our product line.

Why does 2 cm accuracy matter if sub-meter systems are available?

How does mapping resolution impact inventory accuracy?

What sets the Mi-Star warranty apart from other providers?

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Do I have to use your CHE screens and system to manage the messaging traffic to and from my TOS?

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I have a complex operation and need a customized solution. How can Mi-Jack support my needs?

I have a Navis TOS, how will this affect my project success?

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