AccuStack® | Inventory Management System

AccuStack uses Position Detection System (PDS) technology to map container inventory to logical locations represented within the terminal operating system (TOS).

Highly Reliable Inventory Management

Automatically capture machine latch event data, pass it to the TOS, and track subsequent movement throughout the terminal in real-time with AccuStack. Highly reliable and accurate, the real-time PDS and inventory management systems utilize GPS technology to manage product transportation and location.

The Industry Challenge

As marine and intermodal container volumes exponentially increase, terminal operators urgently need to make their operations more efficient, effective, productive, and profitable. 

The Mi-Star Solution

AccuStack keeps track of inventory movements in the yard, making efficient use of manpower and equipment through automatic updates.

AccuStack Integrates With Any Inventory Handling Equipment

From rubber tired gantry cranes and reach stackers to ship-to-shore-cranes and hostler trucks, AccuStack works with almost any yard vehicle.

Auto Steering

AccuSteer drives machines down predefined paths using DGNSS. This auto-steering technology increases productivity by up to 25%.

Workforce & Workzone Protection

Obtain a gate-to-gate virtual view of terminal operations through the AccuView module of Mi-Star.

Digital Twin

A gate-to-gate virtual view of the state of your freight, graphically representing the current state of terminal operations in real-time and historical.

Fleet Monitoring

Enables terminal management to boost productivity improving visibility into operations to gain critical insights.

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