AccuSteer® | Auto Steering

AccuSteer drives machines down predefined paths using DGNSS. This auto-steering technology enables operators to focus on picking and placing their loads, increasing productivity by up to 25% and reducing operator fatigue. AccuSteer tracks accurately even on snow-covered ground and eliminates damage from crane path collisions. Touchscreen display makes system monitoring easy. Precision navigation lets terminals create more container storage space by narrowing fleet runways.

Highly Reliable Positioning Technology

Robust, dual-frequency positioning technology with inertial navigation redundancy makes the system highly reliable to minimize downtime in case of GPS or RF signal interruption.

The Industry Challenge

Supply chain acceleration has driven the need do more with the current resources at the terminal, achieving the highest-level productivity while ensuring the safety of the operation. 

The Mi-Star Solution

AccuSteer uses DGNSS to steer machines including rubber tire gantry cranes (RTGs) down a predefined path, increasing productivity up to 25% while reducing operator fatigue and improving safety.

AccuSteer’s Precision Navigation Allows For

  • Increased container storage space by narrowing crane runways.
  • Increased productivity in bad weather by maneuvering through snow covered paths.
  • Improved safety by preventing collisions.

A Scalable Solution

As part of the Mi-Star suite, AccuSteer is easily scalable to encompass additional functions such as semi-automating load placement and retrieval by automating gantry and trolley travel functions.

Hardware for AccuSteer

  • A fixed location base station at the operation center. The base station transmits GPS guidance via radio frequency (RF, recommended) or Wi-Fi.
  • Onboard “Rover” computers provide drivers with operational information.

Inventory Management

Mi-Star’s GPS inventory management system module, uses Position Detection System (PDS) technology to map all facility container inventory.

Workforce & Workzone Protection

Obtain a gate-to-gate virtual view of terminal operations through the AccuView module of Mi-Star.

Digital Twin

A gate-to-gate virtual view of the state of your freight, graphically representing the current state of terminal operations in real-time and historical.

Fleet Monitoring

Enables terminal management to boost productivity improving visibility into operations to gain critical insights.

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