AccuTrack® | Workforce and Workzone Protection

AccuTrack provides personnel and asset tracking with optional work zone protection features. Using a combination of DGNSS, Ultra Wideband (UWB), Bluetooth, and other assorted technologies, this integrated system can provide accurate location of assets and personnel.

Workforce Secured, Ports Empowered

By implementing AccuTrack, container terminals are provided with enhanced protection measures and streamlined operations ensuring smooth coordination between automated machinery and personnel.

The AccuTrack system is modular and can be expanded in stages. It can also integrate with third-party sensors.

Container handling equipment is equipped with a high-precision DGNSS RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) system, resulting in remarkable accuracy.

The Industry Challenge

As marine and intermodal container terminals adopt more automation, a crucial need arises to ensure protection and efficient collaboration between automated equipment, manually operated machinery, and personnel.

The Mi-Star Solution

AccuTrack monitors and precisely locates all personnel, machines, cranes, and vehicles within a container yard.

AccuTrack Integrates With Any Container Handling Equipment

From rubber tired gantry cranes and reach stackers to ship-to-shore-cranes and hostler trucks, AccuTrack works with almost any yard vehicle.

Inventory Management

Mi-Star’s GPS inventory management system module, uses Position Detection System (PDS) technology to map all facility container inventory.

Auto Steering

This auto-steering technology enables operators to focus on picking and placing their loads, increasing productivity by up to 25%

Digital Twin

A gate-to-gate virtual view of the state of your freight, graphically representing the current state of terminal operations in real-time and historical.

Fleet Monitoring

Enables terminal management to boost productivity improving visibility into operations to gain critical insights.

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