Mi-Jack Pathfinder

The Future of Intermodal Terminal Operations.

The Mi-Jack Pathfinder is a versatile container turning system with varying applications for Ports, Rail Yards, Intermodal Centers, Distribution Centers, Warehouses and more.

How the Pathfinder Crane Turning System Works

Designed to work seamlessly with overhead cranes, the Pathfinder is a 2-tiered (or higher) system that eliminates the need for a ground machine to decouple the container from a truck, and can effectively handle two containers at one time.  With this system, any driver can unload their container without any additional assistance or even leaving the cab.  The driver is assigned a Pathfinder lane, and backs up using the automatic color-coded system. The container is lifted and the driver can pull out and move on to the next area immediately.

Meanwhile, the Pathfinder system will automatically move the container to the top tier, while the ground Pathfinder station is cleared and available for the next truck.  At the top tier, the overhead crane easily picks up the waiting container, and the whole system can run continuously and concurrently.

See Mi-Jack’s Pathfinder In Action

Terminal Operation Issues Solved by the Pathfinder System

Capacity Issues

Pathfinder eliminates the live lift. No downtime waiting for limited container handlers, or overhead cranes to be available. Containers are decoupled on-demand and the system holds the container in place until ready to be picked.

Safety Issues

The Pathfinder system keeps humans safe and separate from overhead equipment. Not only does the driver never have to leave his cab, but the overhead crane will never come in contact with the truck.  This system also eliminates the need for driver safety kiosks or laser curtains.

Land Utilization Issues

The Pathfinder system reduces or eliminates the need for chassis pools, ground container handlers, hostler trucks, or other ground crew. In addition, the rapid turnover of driver lanes equates to less square footage needed to mitigate traffic, and better overall land allocation.

Intermodal, Warehouse, and Distribution Center Operations

No more live unloads with a 1-high Pathfinder installed outside of a dock door.  The driver backs in and the Pathfinder can hold the container at the appropriate height for the dock door, while the driver can leave for another container pick or other assignment. 

Port Operations

Landside Port Operations

Overhead cranes never have to interact with street drivers.  Pathfinder fully automates the transfer process.

Waterside Port Operations

Full latency waterside conveyance. With the Pathfinder, the RTG or ASC cranes in the stacking area can be latent 100% of the time.

Benefits of the Pathfinder System for Any Operation

  • Container turn time is improved / Increased efficiency loading & unloading
  • Eliminates live lifts/unloads
  • Eliminates material handling equipment availability crunches
  • Automates operations and reduces terminal congestion

Benefits of the Pathfinder System for Crane Operations

  • Improves driver safety – Overhead cranes do not need to interact with trucks
  • Streamlined crane operations – provides exact “home” position for the crane to pick
  • Enables full terminal automation

Built to Fit Your Operation.

The Mi-Jack Pathfinder can be built to accommodate all standard ISO and domestic container sizes.  Pathfinder systems are modular and can be built in any configuration.  The Mi-Jack team of experienced, specialized engineers can help discuss your operation’s needs and devise a customized solution to meet your goals.

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