Now Available: Semi-Autonomous RTG Cranes

June 19, 2023

Mi-Jack Introduces Semi-Autonomous RTG Cranes for Concrete and Steel Handling Applications

We are pleased to unveil our latest breakthrough in the realm of concrete and steel handling applications: semi-autonomous operation of our Travelift® rubber-tired gantry (RTG) cranes.

The new technology allows multiple machines to operate without an operator, and when paired with an auto-spreader, no rigging is needed, thereby making the process safer and more efficient. 

Presently, we have successfully deployed three semi-autonomous machines along the West Coast.

“For decades we’ve equipped steel and precast/prestressed industries with RTG cranes capable of handling their largest, longest, and heaviest products. As the industry evolves, so do we, which is why we answered the call to provide semi-autonomous solutions to the market.”

Mike Lanigan Jr, VP of Industrial Sales at Mi-Jack

How Do Semi-Autonomous Travelift RTG Cranes Work?

Semi-autonomous operation empowers these machines to drive, hoist, and traverse independently, requiring human intervention only for the final few feet of the operation and the actual pick. The operator can be located elsewhere and controls the machines remotely.

To facilitate this functionality, the cranes are equipped with multiple positioning and steering technologies, including GPS, laser scanners, and cameras. These technologies work together to ensure the safe and accurate operation of the machines. Furthermore, the cranes are outfitted with an auto-spreader attachment, exclusively manufactured by Mi-Jack, which eliminates the need for rigging personnel in the yard.

Added Safety Layers

The redundancy of having multiple positioning and steering technologies creates added safety layers for the operation. If there is an interruption in one of the technologies, the other technologies take over and ensure that the operation continues safely. 

Benefits of Semi-Autonomous Gantry Crane Operation 

The implementation of semi-autonomous operation for RTG cranes offers several notable advantages:

  1. Improves efficiency: allows multiple machines to operate simultaneously without the need for human intervention.
  2. Increases safety: eliminates the need for rigging personnel in the yard, reducing the risk of accidents.

Availability of Semi-Autonomous Gantry Cranes

Semi-autonomous operation is an available option for the entire range of Travelift models, which range in capacity from 30 to 300 US tons.

Key Takeaways

-Mi-Jack has introduced semi-autonomous operation for steel and concrete handling applications through their Travelift® rubber-tired gantry (RTG) cranes.

-Semi-autonomous operation allows multiple machines to operate without an operator and without rigging, making the process safer and more efficient. 

-The cranes are equipped with multiple positioning and steering technologies, creating added safety layers. 

-Semi-autonomous operation is available across the full line of current Travelift models, ranging in capacity from 30 to 300 US tons.

-Mi-Jack currently operates three semi-autonomous machines on the West Coast.

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