Mi-Jack Flipper

Full Automation for Efficient Chassis Flipping or Container Changeout.

The Mi-Jack Flipper system allows Intermodal drivers to remove a container without the use of specialized equipment or an equipment operator. The fully automated process can be performed solely by the driver without the need to leave the cab.  Once lifted, the Flipper securely retains the container, allowing the driver to perform a quick chassis flip or retrieve another container.


How It Works

After disengaging the twistlocks, the driver travels to designated area and backs into the Flipper station. Guided by the lighted, color-coded display, the driver backs up until the lightbar turns solid red, indicating the container is in position to lift.  The Driver puts the vehicle in Park.

The Flipper lifts the container. The lightbar then changes to Green, indicating it is safe for the driver to leave the station.

When ready to retrieve the container, the process is repeated.  The driver can back up a bare chassis under the waiting container.  The lightbar will turn solid red to indicate correct position. The driver parks the vehicle and the container is lowered onto the chassis.  The lightbar will automatically switch to green when it is safe for the trailer to leave the station.

Watch Mi-Jack Flipper In Action

Easy-to-Read, Lighted Display

The Flipper’s strategically positioned lightbar display is easily readable in the side mirror. Allows the driver to effortlessly back the container into the correct position:

Green Square: OK for the driver to enter/exit

Yellow rolling light: approaching correct position

Yellow rolling light: approaching correct position

Solid Red: chassis is ready for lifting/lowering

The Mi-Jack Flipper Alternative

The current process of using lifting equipment for flipping a container requires a substantial amount of real estate, specialized equipment, and an additional operator. The Mi-Jack Flipper is designed as a cost-effective alternative to other container handling equipment. The process can be completed using only the driver and the Flipper system, saving time, money and real estate.

Built to Fit Your Operation

The Mi-Jack Flipper can be built to accommodate all standard ISO and domestic container sizes (20ft, 40ft, 45ft, 48ft, and 53ft), or limited to only ISO sizes as your operation demands.  The Mi-Jack team of experienced, specialized engineers can help discuss your operation’s needs and devise a customized solution to meet your goals.

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