Extend your reach, with the MJ1400C-RTG, Cantilever Rubber Tired Gantry Crane.


90,000 Lbs

Inside Clear Width

From 40’ to 70’

Twistlock Height

30’ to 49’ / 1 over 2 - 1 over 4

Cantilever Rubber Tired Gantry Crane

As the Intermodal leader since 1967, Mi-Jack considered the rapidly expanding Intermodal landscape and sought to design and manufacture a new crane to meet future intermodal operational growth challenges.  The MJ1400C-RTG is designed to increase terminal operation flexibility and increase working track capacity, without high cost terminal expansion expenditures.

MJ1400C Features

  • 20’-40’ fully electric telescopic spreader with ISO twistlock and automatic 20-40 position settings
  • Diesel Engine – EPA Tier 4 Final Cummins QSX15 655 HP; fuel tank capable of 60-hr. run time
  • Cab travels with spreader, with emergency escape
  • 12” HMI to display fuel level, oil pressure, water temperature, volt meter(for starting batteries), hour meter, fault codes and diagnostics

Safety As Standard

All enhanced safety features including strobe lights on each corner leg, wheel guards, drive disable wheel guard sensors (contact shutdown), emergency stops in the cab and on the ground, fire extinguishers mounted in the cab and engine compartment, motion travel alarms, and large object Identification. Meets or exceeds OSHA requirements for all platforms, ladders, stairways, walkways, noise levels, and lockout/tagout protection.

Existing Infrastructure, Endless Possibilities

See how the MJ1400C-RTG adds two lanes of capacity, without modification to the terminal.

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